Keeping pets safe website has general guidelines for pets safety and links to helpful resources. It’s recommended by one of our young reader :

Adopt a Grey hound info:

All dog breeds
and their characters listed according to alphabetical order:

Animal Cruelty is an issue involved in many daily consumer products especially in skincare that many of us are still not aware of; Our reader Sarah is suggesting a well research informational website and a comprehensive resources for people concerned on the subject.

Dog training Central:

Race horse adoption available at and

Wolf Connection
– a non-profit sanctuary based in California that specializes in the rescue of wolf dogs. Founded in 2009, Wolf Connection is the only program in the nation that rescues and trains wolves and wolf dogs to become program animals for at-risk populations.

For pet’s Healthcare:

Pet care and resources:


North shore Animal league has a “Peril for Pets” card to let the readers be aware of the foods that are harmful for our pets.


Prepare Your Pet for a Move
One of our young reader Michelle and her mentor Mrs. G recommended a guide to "Preparing Your Pet for a Move".  It's a great overview to help pets adjust to a new homw safely and happily. The resource is listed below:


Pet Disaster Safety Tips and Safety Care for Pet Owners: Jackie Shelton; the author who published a pet owner disaster safety guide diving into general preparedness tips, how to plan/pack for disasters, tips for taking shelter at home, evacuation safety, and pet safety considerations after a disaster. Please check it out here:  

How to treat cataract in dogs:

One of the young reader Addison found a great resource on pet proofing, it's a wonderful suggestion and sharing this resource :

Canine Companion for Independence

Robert Kors who is advocating CBD dog treats to reduce pain and inflammation in dogs suggested our readers to give it a try, please check out the link below:

Due to CBD being nationally legalized in the 2018 “Farm Bill” we’ve been trying to pass the benefits of this ancient medicine to aging and ailing pets across the country. CBD has been used to help manage arthritis, inflammation, aggression, and appetite loss in dogs for almost a decade, and it’s often much more affordable than medication for pets.

Here’s the page with the treats:

USA service dog registration:

Pet loss: Helping people coping with the loss of a beloved family pet.

Pet safety guides and tips from our local well known Realtor Mr.Greg Geilman and his team accumulated years of knowledge and experiences and provided valuable guides in safe proofing your home for pet safety, please scroll down to read the detailed tips:

Pet Poison Helpline:

(800) 213-6680

Cat Care Society:

Cat Breeds List :

Horse Breeds list:

Race horse adoption available at and


Smithsonian Horses in Native American Culture:

Horse Racing Reform, allow injured horses to be rescued, please check it out and sign the petition in,

Sign the Petition

Sign the Petition

Horse Racing Reform to Rescue Injured Horses


Cute And funny horse Videos Compilation cute moment

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